JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API Documentation: Overview
JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API

JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API Documentation

See the doc and FAQ directories in the JanosVM distribution for more information on using and deploying the JanosVM.

The JanosVM is a multi-processing, Java-compatible Virtual Machine.


JanosVM Java API Implementations of stdin, stderr, and stdout used by a team.
edu.utah.janosvm.resources Resources managed by the JanosVM on a per-team basis.
edu.utah.janosvm.sys Provides the java interface to the JanosVM Team facilities.

JanosVM JavaOS Kit Libraries
edu.utah.janosvm.kit.comm.amiga An inter-team communication facility modeled on the Amiga IPC system.
edu.utah.janosvm.kit.comm.commspace A tuple space communication mechanism for the JanosVM.
edu.utah.janosvm.kit.comm.jsi A Java language binding for the JanosVM Scripting Interface.
edu.utah.janosvm.kit.isolate An implementation of the JSR-121 prototype Isolate API. An implementation of a TeamListHandler that converts TeamEvents to amiga style Messages.
edu.utah.janosvm.kit.server.memfs An extended example for the JanosVM that implements a memory file system.
edu.utah.janosvm.kit.util A set of useful data structures.


The JanosVM is a multi-processing, Java-compatible Virtual Machine. For more information on the JanosVM, visit the Janos web pages at the University of Utah:

Additionally, the JanosVM Manual contains a short overview and a tutorial showing how to use the JanosVM.

JanosVM v0.6.0 Java API

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Documentation, software, and mailing lists for the JanosVM can be found at the Janos Project web page:
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