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Analog 5.24: Upgrading from earlier versions

This section lists those commands which existed in older versions of analog, but which have been changed or abolished in this version. It also lists reasons why the same input might now produce different output. The new features in this version are listed in the section What's new in this version?.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of analog, you should keep your old analog.cfg, and your old anlghead.h if you are compiling your own copy of analog rather than using one of the precompiled versions.

Upgrading from 5.23 and earlier

  • There will be small changes to the browser and operating system reports thanks to better parsing of recent Netscape and Mozilla browsers.
  • In version 5.23 and earlier, earlier UNCOMPRESS commands took precedence over later ones. This has been corrected in 5.24.

Upgrading from 5.21 and earlier

  • As a side-effect of the security fix in version 5.22, the JAPANESE-JIS character set no longer works from the form interface.

Upgrading from 5.1 and earlier

  • The language files have all changed, so don't try and use the old ones.
  • The rules for generating "organisations" from numerical addresses have changed, which will change the Organisation Report.
  • Filenames given on the command line, as opposed to in configuration commands, are now relative to the current directory, not the analog directory. This will probably only affect Unix users.

Upgrading from 5.03 and earlier

  • The code to generate the Browser Summary has been completely rewritten. Apart from now recognising Konqueror and Galeon, and distinguishing Mozilla and Netscape, this may result in other small changes to the reported numbers. Also, if you are using a configuration file from an earlier version, remove the line that reads
    BROWOUTPUTALIAS Mozilla Netscape
  • Similarly, the code to generate the Operating System Report has been slightly modified, in addition to recognising Windows XP.
  • Numerical addresses are now included in the Organisation Report, which will change that report.
  • Some warnings have moved from category C to category F or to the new category G.
  • SEARCHCHARCONVERT is now always turned off in multibyte character sets.
  • The default plotting method for the pie charts will now take the FLOOR into account as well as the SORTBY.
  • The LATEX output style now produces LaTeX suitable for converting to PDF with the pdflatex command. If you want to use the ordinary latex command, specify PDFLATEX OFF.

Upgrading from 5.02 and earlier

  • The order of the lines in the report descriptions files has changed, so don't try to use the old versions.

Upgrading from 5.01 and earlier

  • LANGUAGE JAPANESE now selects the JIS character set instead of EUC. (Four Japanese character sets can be chosen explicitly through the LANGUAGE command.)

Upgrading from 5.0 and earlier

  • The language files have all changed, so don't try and use the old ones.
  • Organisations in Belgium are now considered to be at depth 3, which will change the Organisation Report.
  • There are some new images in the images/ directory, which you will have to copy into your IMAGEDIR if you want to use the new PNGIMAGES command.

Upgrading from 4.91beta1 and earlier

  • LOCALCHARTDIR and DESCFILE can no longer be specified from the form interface, for security reasons.

Upgrading from 4.90beta4 and earlier

  • Previously, when an output INCLUDE or EXCLUDE command was in operation, the excluded items were still included in the "not listed" line at the bottom of the report. This is no longer the case. Also, percentages of the requests and bytes are now calculated ignoring the excluded items, which will make those numbers larger, make their wedges in the pie charts larger, and change what is included by floors specified in terms of percentages.

Upgrading from 4.90beta3 and earlier

  • The Operating System Report, Browser Report & Browser Summary are now sorted by page requests instead of raw requests by default.

Upgrading from 4.90beta1 and earlier

  • There are some new files (with names beginning with sq) in the images/ directory. These will need to be copied into your IMAGEDIR.
  • *.asp is no longer included in the default definition of "pages" (which it was from 4.11 to 4.90beta1) because there are too many other equally well qualified candidates. But you can easily re-enable it in analog.cfg.
  • The format of the "busiest time" and floor/sortby lines has changed in the computer-readable output.
  • The default DNSGOODHOURS and DNSBADHOURS have been increased. In particular, the default DNSGOODHOURS is now as near infinity as makes no difference!

Upgrading from 4.16 and earlier

  • Some languages have still not been translated for version 5 yet: see the list of available languages in the What's new? section.
  • All files are now looked for in sensible directories, specified at compile time, if no other directory is specified. On platforms where these directories are not known at compile time, analog formerly looked in the current working directory, but now looks in (its guess at) the directory of the analog binary. However, filenames specified in command line arguments are within the current working directory since version 5.2.
  • The cache file now includes data on the first-request time of each item. But if you read a cache file from an older version of analog, this data will not have been recorded, and so the last-request time will be used instead. Analog will warn you about this.
  • If you specify a CACHEFILE command but no LOGFILE command, analog won't read the default (compile-time) logfile. This is much more intuitive behaviour, but some users may have been relying on the old behaviour. The actual rule is given in the documentation on Cache files.
  • Some browsers will be rediagnosed as robots in the Operating System Report. This will mainly reduce the "OS unknown" total, but may also reduce other categories.
  • US English now uses the 12-hour clock by default. If you want to continue to use the 24-hour clock, use the language file us24.lng instead. (Either use a LANGFILE command, or rename us24.lng to us.lng). Conversely, you can get British English with the 12-hour clock by using uk12.lng.
  • Because of the twelve new reports, if you use a REPORTORDER command, you should include the corresponding new letters: 1Q76wLlMRjyY.
  • Computer readable output now has an extra line reporting the busiest time period for the time reports.
  • The date codes in the OUTFILE and CACHEOUTFILE commands now always produce dates in English.
  • The REFLINKINCLUDE command now only controls links in the Referrer Report. Use REDIRREFLINKINCLUDE and FAILREFLINKINCLUDE for the Redirected and Failed Referrer Reports.
  • When doing a negative floor, items are no longer included if they have 0 of the criterion in question, even if there aren't enough items otherwise. For example FLOOR -25p will list fewer than 25 items if there aren't 25 items with requests for pages, even if there are other items with 0 requests for pages.
  • When a logfile line contains bytes but no filename, analog previously ignored the bytes. It now counts them for other items on the line, but doesn't put them in the File Size Report or General Summary (to avoid double-counting).
  • There are no longer any HTML language files containing HTML entities. So, for example, the HTML output will always contain a literal é instead of the code é. This should make no difference to the reader, but please do tell me about any problems.
  • The source files have moved to the src/ directory. And there are new source files in subdirectories of the src/ directory. Also the header files have different variables in them. This means that automatic build scripts will have to be rewritten.

Upgrading from 4.13 and earlier

  • Regular expressions in an INCLUDE or EXCLUDE command must now occur on a line on their own, not within a comma-separated list.
  • The search terms reported in the Search Word and Search Query Reports are no longer converted to lower case if you are using a multibyte character set.
  • Unprintable characters in the output are now replaced by '?', except for multibyte character sets.

Upgrading from 4.11 and earlier

  • *INCLUDE "" and *EXCLUDE "" (see documentation) now apply to items which were present but corrupt. This may have the effect of including or excluding some new lines.
  • There has been a tiny change in computer-readable output style. Previously if a time was blank, it took up only one column. Now it takes up as many columns as if it had been present.

Upgrading from 4.1 and earlier

  • The default definition of "pages" is now case insensitive: so it includes *.HTM and even *.hTmL etc. This will serve to increase the page count.

Upgrading from 4.04 and earlier

  • There is better parsing of extended format and WebSTAR format logs, which may cause differences in some cases.
  • All referrers now count as "pages" irrespective of any PAGEINCLUDE and PAGEEXCLUDE commands. Consequently, for example, "REFLINKINCLUDE pages" is now the same as "REFLINKINCLUDE *". You can recreate the previous behaviour with "REFLINKINCLUDE *.html,*.htm,*/".
  • The default REPORTORDER has changed.
  • New anchor names are used internally to the output page.

Upgrading from 4.03 and earlier

  • There may be slight differences in the results in this version owing to stripping anchors off filenames.

Upgrading from 4.0 and earlier

  • Some of the default paths have changed in anlghead.h.

Upgrading from 3.90beta1 and earlier

  • It is now recommended that you don't run analog as a CGI program, or put it in the directory with your CGI programs, for security reasons.
  • Each browser in the Browser Summary is now sorted by major version number then minor version number. So SUBBROW */* will now only show the major versions. To get all the minor versions, you need SUBBROW */*.*
  • PRINTVARS has been renamed SETTINGS.

Upgrading from 3.32 and earlier

  • The form interface has been completely rewritten, and old versions of anlgform.html will not work with this version.
  • The Browser Summary now diagnoses MSIE, Opera and WebTV browsers better. This will cause differences in output from previous versions.
  • With RAWBYTES OFF, bytes are now listed as, for example, 47.68 Mbytes instead of 48,832 kbytes. This should be less confusing.
  • The DNS file has a new time encoding. It's only a few hours different, so I haven't made any special provision for it. The effect is that the DNSGOODHOURS and DNSBADHOURS may be a few hours out for existing entries (but not for new ones).

Upgrading from 3.3 and earlier

  • There is a new set of graphics in the images directory, which you will have to move to your web directory.
  • In the Mac version, if a configuration file is dragged onto the analog icon, it is used instead of, not as well as, the default configuration file.

Upgrading from 3.2 and earlier

  • In the computer-readable output style, the line L7, the time the last seven days begins after, has been replaced by E7, the time the last seven days ends. This is for consistency with the other output styles.
  • Also in the computer-readable output, there is a new line reporting the floor and the SORTBY for the report. In 3.11 and earlier, this didn't exist, and in 3.2 it only reported the floor, not the SORTBY.
  • %R (Mac-style filename) has been abolished in the LOGFORMAT. Just use plain %r instead.
  • It is no longer allowed to set the CACHEOUTFILE to be the same as a previous cache file.
  • The definition of the common log format and related formats changed between 3.11 & 3.2, and again between 3.2 & 3.3. This could cause differences in output, but they are likely to be only very minor.

Upgrading from 3.11 and earlier

  • Lines without a particular item now work properly with INCLUDE and EXCLUDE commands. For example, if you do an INCLUDE to look at only certain lines, then lines without that type of item at all will not now be included, whereas previously they would have been. This can make the results lower than in these earlier versions.
  • I have reluctantly removed support for NetPresenz logs. This hasn't worked for some time, and I have already been advising NetPresenz users not to use newer versions of analog because they could get wrong results. Unfortunately, fixing it would require a complete rewrite of the entire parsing code, which isn't going to happen any time soon. So my advice remains the same: continue to use version 2.11 or (even better) pre-process your logfiles into a form which analog can handle safely.
  • The English domains file has changed name from to

Upgrading from 3.0, Win32 form interface

  • If using the form interface on Windows, it is now necessary to put the analog executable at \analog\analog.exe instead of \Program Files\analog\analog.exe

Upgrading from 2.90beta1


Upgrading from 2.11 and earlier

  • It is possible that there may be small discrepancies between the results from previous versions and the results from this version because the parsing code has changed, but any such differences should be minor. However...
  • If you used to use REFEXCLUDE or BROWEXCLUDE, you most likely now want REFREPEXCLUDE or BROWREPEXCLUDE instead, or you will exclude lots of lines that were previously included.
  • It is possible that this version may not automatically parse a logfile that previous versions could parse, because it checks more carefully that the logfile is in the format claimed. If so, you will have to use a LOGFORMAT command.
  • Approximate host counting has been abolished, unless there's a significant demand for it.
  • Count of number of new hosts in last seven days abolished. It was too confusing because it depended on which old logfiles you analysed.
  • The Error Report has been abolished (together with the configuration commands ERROR, ERRLOG and ERRMINOCCS). See the What's new? page.
  • The BROWLOG and REFLOG commands have also been abolished: just use LOGFILE instead.
  • The HASHSIZE commands have been abolished: analog now chooses the size of the hash tables itself.
  • The MINREQS and similar options have been replaced by the FLOOR commands.
  • Only one * is now allowed on the left-hand side of aliases, to avoid ambiguities.
  • Automatic detection of log type is now on a per-file rather than a per-line basis.
  • ISPAGE is now called PAGEINCLUDE.
  • MONTHLYBACK is now called MONTHBACK.
  • FULLHOSTS is now just called HOST.
  • LOGOURL is now called LOGO.
  • The UNIT commands have been abolished. They weren't very useful, and they didn't make much sense with the different ways of displaying the time report bar charts. The unit is now always chosen automatically.
  • DIRLEVEL has been abolished, because the SUBDIR command is more general. Use SUBDIR */* or whatever instead.
  • Comments aren't allowed in the domains file. I don't think this should cause a problem.
  • GRAPHICAL is abolished. Instead, use lower case letters with the GRAPH commands.
  • NUMLOOKUP has been replaced by DNS, and DNSFRESHHOURS by the commands DNSGOODHOURS and DNSBADHOURS.
  • DNS cache files from previous versions are not compatible with this version.
  • You can't use PAGES in the columns or SORTBY or FLOOR for the Request Report. Use REQINCLUDE pages instead.
  • - as a synonym for none has been abolished in some places, e.g., HOSTURL.
  • The following command line arguments have been abolished from earlier versions, many of the letters getting new meanings: 7, l, n, p, s, u, v, w. (-v has moved to -settings.) Others have been changed since version 1.2 as well.

Upgrading from 2.0, Win32 users

  • Filenames for logfiles etc. should now be given DOS-style, with backslashes, rather than Unix-style with forward slashes.

Upgrading from 1.92 and earlier, Mac users

  • There is no longer an automatic progress report. Use the PROGRESSFREQ command instead.

Upgrading from 1.9beta's

Upgrading from 1.2's and earlier

  • Use *INCLUDE and *EXCLUDE instead of *ONLY and *IGNORE.
  • The syntax of the *FLOOR commands has changed.

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Stephen Turner
25 June 2002

Need help with analog? Use the analog-help mailing list.

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