What did you do to my machine?

Most system administrators, at least the good ones, want to know exactly what is being done by installation scripts especially if the script was executed with root privileges.  The following is a list of file copies and modifications that are made by the installation script:

Daemon, Libraries and Config files

<dist dir>/slpd/slpd         ==>  /usr/sbin/slpd
<dist dir>/libslp/  ==>  /usr/lib/
<dist dir>/libslp/libslp.a   ==>  /usr/lib/libslp.a
<dist dir>/etc/slp.conf      ==>  /etc/slp.conf
<dist dir>/etc/slp.reg       ==>  /etc/slp.reg


<dist dir>/doc/*             ==>  /usr/doc/openslp-x.x.x (/usr/share/doc/openslp-doc for Debian GNU/Linux)

Tools, Utilities and Samples

None Yet