List of known bugs

This is a list of some of the known bugs in Pmw. If you fix any of these, please let the maintainer ( know.

 import Tkinter
 import Pmw
 def foo(event):
     print '<Enter> event on text'
 root = Pmw.initialise()
 balloon = Pmw.Balloon()
 canvas = Tkinter.Canvas()
 text1 = canvas.create_text(50, 50, text = 'hello
 # As is, the balloon does not appear over the text, but foo
 # is called.  Swap the following two lines and the balloon
 # appears but foo will not be called.
 canvas.tag_bind(text1, "<Enter>", foo)
 balloon.tagbind(canvas, text1, 'text 1 help')

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