Pmw.Blt - interface to some BLT widgets and commands


This module contains function interfaces to the BLT busy command as well as the classes Pmw.Blt.Vector, Pmw.Blt.Graph, Pmw.Blt.Stripchart and Pmw.Blt.Tabset, which are interfaces to the vector, graph, stripchart and tabset commands of version 2.4 of the BLT extension to Tk. The interfaces are complete except for Pmw.Blt.Vector where several creation options, methods and operations have not been implemented.

The blt graph and barchart widgets are essentially the same and so only the graph widget has been ported. The element_create() method is not implememted for Pmw.Blt.Graph, so instead:

To operate on elements, use the element_*() methods, such as element_bind(), element_activate(), etc.

Note: Full documentation of Pmw.Blt.Graph is available in A User's Guide to Pmw.Blt written by Bjorn Ove Thue and Hans Petter Langtangen. You can also download the full HTML document of the guide for local viewing.


The following functions are available.

Interface to the BLT busy forget command.

Pmw.Blt.busy_hold(window, cursor = None)
Interface to the BLT busy hold command.

Interface to the BLT busy release command.

Return true if any commands in the BLT extension are available.

Return true if the BLT busy command is available.

Interface to the BLT vector expr command.

Pmw.Blt.vector_names(pattern = None)
Interface to the BLT vector names command.

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