About Antidote

Version 0.1 (2001/02/13)

Authors: Simeon H.K. Fitch


Antidote is the Ant subproject for developing a graphical user interface to facilitate the efficient use of Ant. In general, its purpose is to allow the quick generation, modification, and use of Ant build files, helping the user define a build process and track down build problems. It is not meant to be an IDE, but an enabler for the powerful features available in Ant, particularly for novice users, or users who want a rapid way of controlling their build process.


Antidote is still in the early stages of development, but does have a set of usable features, including:

Current development tasks include:

The Antidote source distribution comes with requirements and design documentation that better cover the details of application architecture, how to develop against it, and what the long term goals are. Furthermore, there is a TODO file listing the detailed, near-term tasks that need accomplishing.

Getting Involved

The source code for Antidote is located in a separate Module (jakarta-ant-antidote) in CVS. All the existing documentation can be found there where new contributors should read:

Online discussions about Antidote occur on the jakarta-ant mailing list. The application infrastructure is fairly complete, but there are almost unlimited opportunities for feature contributions.

Aspiring contributors new to the Jakarta Project should (carefully) read the following for details on the contribution process:

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