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IO::Lines 2.103

This module is BETA code, which means that the interfaces are fairly stable BUT it has not been out in the community long enough to guarantee much testing. Use with caution! Please report any errors back to as soon as you can.


IO::Lines - IO:: interface for reading/writing an array of lines


    use IO::Lines;
    ### See IO::ScalarArray for details 


This class implements objects which behave just like FileHandle (or IO::Handle) objects, except that you may use them to write to (or read from) an array of lines. They can be tiehandle'd as well.

This is a subclass of IO::ScalarArray in which the underlying array has its data stored in a line-oriented-format: that is, every element ends in a "\n", with the possible exception of the final element. This makes getline() much more efficient; if you plan to do line-oriented reading/printing, you want this class.

The print() method will enforce this rule, so you can print arbitrary data to the line-array: it will break the data at newlines appropriately.

See IO::ScalarArray for full usage and warnings.


$Id:,v 2.103 2001/08/09 08:04:44 eryq Exp $


Top Principal author

Eryq ( President, ZeeGee Software Inc (

Top Other contributors

Thanks to the following individuals for their invaluable contributions (if I've forgotten or misspelled your name, please email me!):

Morris M. Siegel, for his $/ patch and the new getlines().

Doug Wilson, for the IO::Handle inheritance and automatic tie-ing.

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