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HTTrack Programming page

HTTrack can be used as a third-party program in batch files, or as library (see in the lib/ directory). We will see here several examples, written in batch script (can be adapted to almost all batch script languages) or in C.

How to get one single file

httrack --get http://localhost/

How to get one single file and pipe it to stdout

httrack --quiet --get http://localhost/ -O tmpget -V "cat \$0" | grep -iE "TITLE" rm -rf tmpget

How to search in all HTML files on a website

httrack --skeleton http://localhost/ -V "if grep -iE \"TITLE\" \"\$0\">/dev/null; then echo \"Match found at \$0\"; fi"
rm -rf tmpget

Same thing but matches only the first file:
httrack --skeleton http://localhost/ -V "if grep -iE \"TITLE\" \"\$0\">/dev/null; then echo \"Match found at \$0\"; kill -9 \$PPID; fi"
rm -rf tmpget

Indexing a website, and using the index as a search engine

httrack localhost -%I
Will generate an index.txt file, which contains all detected keywords, sorted and indexed using this format:

<tab>   number_of_hits_in_current_page_for_this_keyword   page_location
<tab>   number_of_hits_in_current_page_for_this_keyword   page_location
<tab>   number_of_hits_in_current_page_for_this_keyword   page_location


	1 localhost/manual/mod/index-2.html
	1 localhost/manual/mod/index.html
	1 localhost/manual/mod/mod_negotiation.html
	2 localhost/manual/misc/FAQ.html
	2 localhost/manual/suexec.html
	1 localhost/manual/handler.html
	1 localhost/manual/misc/security_tips.html
	1 localhost/manual/mod/mod_rewrite.html
	1 localhost/manual/mod/mod_setenvif.html
	1 localhost/manual/multilogs.html
	1 localhost/manual/netware.html
	1 localhost/manual/new_features_1_3.html
	1 localhost/manual/windows.html
	4 localhost/manual/dso.html
	4 localhost/manual/mod/core.html
	3 localhost/manual/dns-caveats.html
	3 localhost/manual/mod/mod_auth.html
	3 localhost/manual/mod/mod_rewrite.html
	3 localhost/manual/upgrading_to_1_3.html
	2 localhost/manual/misc/API.html
	2 localhost/manual/misc/FAQ.html
	2 localhost/manual/misc/windoz_keepalive.html
	2 localhost/manual/mod/mod_auth_db.html
	2 localhost/manual/mod/mod_auth_dbm.html
	1 localhost/manual/misc/descriptors.html
	1 localhost/manual/misc/fin_wait_2.html
	1 localhost/manual/misc/security_tips.html
	1 localhost/manual/mod/mod_auth_digest.html
	1 localhost/manual/mod/mod_cern_meta.html
	1 localhost/manual/mod/mod_env.html
	1 localhost/manual/mod/mod_example.html
	1 localhost/manual/mod/mod_unique_id.html
	1 localhost/manual/mod/mod_usertrack.html
	1 localhost/manual/stopping.html
	1 localhost/manual/suexec.html
	1 localhost/manual/vhosts/ip-based.html
	1 localhost/manual/windows.html

Script example: