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About this project:

Informations on this project:

This project has been developed by:
Xavier Roche (
  for the main engine and Windows interface
  and maintainer for v2.0 and v3.0
Yann Philippot (
  for the java binary .class parser
Robert Lagadec (
  for checking both English & French translations
Juan Pablo Barrio Lera (University of Len)
  for Spanish translations
Rainer Klueting (
Bastian Gorke (
Rudi Ferrari (
Marcus Gaza (
  for German translations
Rudi Ferrari (
  for Dutch translations
Lukasz Jokiel (Opole University of Technology,
  for Polish translations
Rui Fernandes (CANTIC,
Pedro T. Pinheiro (Universidade Nova de Lisboa-FCT,
  for Portuguese translations
Andrei Iliev (
  for Russian translations
Witold Krakowski (
  for Italian translations
Jozsef Tamas Herczeg (
  for Hungarian translation
Paulo Neto (
  for Brazilian translation
Brook Qin ( 
   for simplified Chinese translation
Addy Lin (
   for traditional Chinese translation
Jesper Bramm (
   for Danish translation
Tnu Virma
   for Estonian translation
Staffan Strm (
   for Swedish translation
Mehmet Akif Keolu (
  for Turkish translation
Aleksandar Savic (
  for Macedonian translation
Takayoshi Nakasikiryo
  for Japanese translation
Martin Sereday (
  for Slovak translation
Antonn Matjk (
  for Czech translation

Special Thanks to:
Patrick Ducrot & Daniel Carr (ENSI of Caen)
  for their initial support
Fred Cohen (
  for HTTrack user's guide

Greetings to:
Jean-loup Gailly from
  for the help provided with Zlib
Russ Freeman from gipsymedia
  for hints on DLL dynamic load
Paul DiLascia
  for helping to fix problems with CHtmlView
ISMRA/Ensi of Caen 
  for their initial support
..and all users that are using and supporting HTTrack!

If you want to ask any question to the authors, report bugs/problems, please first check the HTTrack Website Copier forum.
You can also contact by email, but due to the large volume of messages, it is impossible to always respond (especially for configuration help or other configuration-related questions).
HTTrack project, Xavier ROCHE,

This program is covered by the GNU General Public License.
HTTrack/HTTrack Website Copier is Copyright (C) 1998-2002 Xavier Roche and other contributors